Entrevista Súbita com Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge
© Peter Bagge

A Entrevista Súbita desta semana é com Peter Bagge e já está online no blog Mundo Fantasma.

Desta vez, e tendo em conta que uma grande parte da obra de Peter Bagge está centrada nos Bradley, e sobretudo no Buddy, o melhor será lerem esta crítica que publiquei na revista Quadrado.

The Sudden Interview of this week is with Peter Bagge and it’s already in Mundo Fantasma. Peter Bagge [1957, Peekskill, NY – USA] is a cartoonist and illustrator. Bagge started Neat Stuff series for Fantagraphics Books in the mid eighties. Soon, the teenage son of The Bradley’s, Buddy Bradley, emerged as Neat Stuff’s most engaging character and the title evolved into Hate in 1990. Following the adventures of Buddy Bradley, Hate instantly became public acclaimed and hailed by critics as a brilliant chronicle of the nineties… check out the interview and a extended version this mini-biography in Mundo Fantasma!